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:: Studio Booking ::

All Studio time must be booked in advance.
To book a studio session, you must call ahead, we recommend calling ahead at least 14 days prior to the date you would like. We are reluctant to book sessions with less than 7 days notice. Our normal hours of operation are from 12 noon to 12 midnight, by appointment only. Before noon and/or after midnight are billed at time and a half rate.

Sorry, we don't record rap or hip-hop, we do not make beats, we do not create original music for artists to sing over.

Often times we are booked in advance by 3-4 weeks. No Walk-Ins. Call ahead and speak with the studio manager or chief engineer. Tell us the dates you want, we will check the schedule and let you know if they are available. Next, we require a deposit. The deposit is a standard 50% of the estimated time to be used. You must tell the engineer exactly what you will be recording during your session as well. The engineer needs to know what level of preparation will be involved for your individual session in order to fit you into the schedule properly, and secondly in order to set up all the necessary equipment needed for your project. Although studios book "time", we are actually providing services. If we are not informed of what service you want then we can not provide that service to you in a quick and efficient way. All clients must fill out and return a recording contract. Our contract is available via email, standard mail, or fax. Return your contract asap. The contract involves issue regarding payment and liability, it tells about studio rules and expectations of the client. Please call us the day before your session to confirm your time for the next day. We do not accept cancellations, there is a fee for "No Shows" and charges apply for late arrivals. Please read the contract thoroughly before signing and returning.

Here is a checklist of what to do:
  • Call Ahead and choose from available dates.
  • Completely outline what will be done in your recording session, i.e. how many instruments, how many songs, etc. The engineer or booking manager will need to know what your goal is in order to advise you if your time allotted will be able to meet your session goal for the day. (For example, you can not record, mix and master 10 songs in a day, it's impossible; we will be able to help you manage your time.) The engineer will ask you in detail.
  • Reserve dates with a cash, check or credit card deposit.
  • Fill out and return the recording contract.
  • Call 48-72 hours before your session to confirm your arrival time for the session.

  • These things must be done in order to assure that your studio appointment will go smoothly. If you have not made a deposit or have not filled out a contract, and/or have not completely informed the engineer of your session details, then you ARE NOT BOOKED. A session can not take place unless these proper steps (outlined above) have been fulfilled.

    Emergency Sessions:
    Anything less than 7 days prior notice is considered an Emergency session. We can accomodate emergency sessions if the time is available and we are given the proper information, immediate deposit (usually via credit card), and immediate verbal contract. Due to the hectic nature of emergency sessions, they are charged at full Industry Rate (see rates page). Clients are billed from their scheduled start time, "No Shows" will result in loss of non-refundable deposit, late arrivals will be billed from the start time of the session. We reserve the right to decline sessions before noon or after midnight.

    For remote recording, it is billed per job (with hourly maximum) not hourly.

    Before noon or after midnight is billed at time and a half if the time is available. Our normal hours of operation are 12 Noon to 12 Midnight.

  • It's best not to wait to book a session, when you call today, the day you want may be available. But if you wait, you are likely going to miss out on getting the date you wanted. First come, first serve.
  • If you don't know what is going on, don't try to book a session. Get with your bandmates, or your manager or producer and get back to us when you know your session details.
  • Do not book sessions based on time alone, like "I want 4 hours on Monday", think in terms of service. Have a plan of what you will be doing, an informal session is a waste of time.
  • Never let the studio be the last to know, if you decide you want to do something differently for a session, you need to let us know well ahead of time in order that we can accomodate you.
  • If you have a question...Call Us. Phone: 813.318.1679 Fax: 813.746.4059

    Atlas Recording Studios, Inc. reserves the right to change our prices, policies, our website, and deny any sale or service at our sole discretion. The policies found in our recording contract supercede all written, verbal or implied conditions.

    Our recording contract is our sole intellectual property. To intentionally or unintentionally use, or to seek to obtain our contract under false pretenses or to obtain one and to use it in any way (which falls under the category of trade secrets) is considered a federal crime. We grant no rights to the end user, nor any usage of our contract by our clients.

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