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:: Comporate Clients ::
Chicago Recording Company
DAV Disabled American Veterans
Mike Vasilinda Productions
New Voyage Productions
Powers Agency
Samsung Electronics
And more...

::Live Sound Engineering For::
93 Octane (punk)
A Better Name (pop-punk)
Blindside (hardcore)
Catchphrase (punk)
Chalk People (alternative rock)
Denison Marrs (pop/emo)
Majik Dirt (ska)
My Hotel Year (emo)
Never The Less (melodic punk)
Not that Kid Again (pop-punk)
Overthrow (hardcore/straight edge)
Sagoh 24-7 (hardcore)
Shot Heard Around The World (hardcore)
Sleeping by the Riverside (post hardcore)
Slushball Derkins (punk)
Squad Five-O (punk)
Swamp Stompers (cajun)
The Culprits (christian punk)
The Deal (oi/punk)
Yellow Dog Contract (hardcore)
Yeti (metal) And More...
Nathan Eldred of Atlas Recording has provided
live sound services for these artists.
Big Frank Records
Death For Life
Dodgeball Records
Fish Head Music
Grind City Records
Hazzard Records
Hoodlumz Records
Jerkoff Records
Locomotive Music
Master Mind Enterprises
Our House Records
PeppiShell Entertainment
Raptor Records
Realitysnap Productions
Ringmaster Records
Tin Can Records
Tooth and Nail
Unshared Worldwide
93 Octane (punk)
A Better Name (pop-punk)
Agony in the Garden (metal)
Alegria Demi Hecho Acan (latin)
Alex Catalani (vox)
Alex Smith (acoustic folk)
Allow Effort (rock)
Allujah (reggae)
Amber Harrison (christian pop)
Anthony Hopkins (r&b/rap) (mastering only)
Anti-freeze (punk)
Atomic Tattoo & Body Piercing
Attica (metal)
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (national swing band)
Big Frank Records
Big Surf (surf)
Blindsides (FL) (punk)
Boney Fiend (old-school punk)
Brittany Henson (vocalist)
Butler's Revenge (hard rock)
Car Bomb Driver (old-school punk)
Catapult (alt rock) (mastering only)
Catchphrase (punk)
Chad Chatham (folk)
Chalk People (alternative rock)
Chicago Recording Company
Crimson Creek (christian) (mastering only)
CYC Praise Band (christian rock)
Dallas Upton / Vintech Audio
DAV Disabled American Veterans Organization
Dave Valliere (session player/guitarist)
Drag 21 (punk)
Earth Made Man (metal)
Ed Chiles (Spoken Word - Son of former FL Governor Lawton Chiles)
Embur (metal)
Eric Le (pop)
Every Single Day (indie/post hardcore)
Faster than Monday (emo)
Faulen (nu metal)
Flatland (bluegrass)
Fist (metal)
Five on Ten (alt rock)
Fork (rock)
Frankie Lee Cintron (country)
G8 (rock)
Gate 343 (alt rock)
Garbage Pail Kids (punk)
Genghis Fly (punk)
Glen Cummings (national country artist)
Gudjon Carroll (hip-hop)
Gunwale Under (oi/street core)
Headfirst (metal)
High Collide (hip-hop)
Hit the Planet (alternative pop)
Identity Crisis (alternative pop)
Ivory JOE (pop-punk/emo)
Jim Morris (island/humor)
Johnny Utah (hip-hop)
Kaos Kult (industrial) (mastering only)
k.f.p. (MS) (emo/pop-punk)
Kill This Glamour (hardcore)
Korban (christian rock)
Last Minute (emo/pop-punk)
Linda D'Alessandro (folk)
Lost River (bluegrass)
Madcap (FL) (punk)
Madcap (FL) (rock) two different bands
Majik Dirt (ska)
Melissa (R&B)
Mia Reeves (Actress, Soprano Opera Singer)
Mike Vasilinda Productions
Moon Ska Records
Moose (hip-hop)
Morning Again (metal)
Never The Less (melodic punk)
Never Say Never (rock/punk)
New Voyage Productions
Norcia (rock)
Nothing Yet (punk)
Not that Kid Again (pop-punk)
Off-Center (punk)
One Pump Chump (punk)
Out of Time (punk/hardcore)
Overthrow (hardcore/straight edge)
Pastor Cesar Robinson and Deborah Robinson (Spoken Word)
Paul Carr & the Swamp Stompers (cajun)
Perfect Harmony (christian contemporary jazz)
Pink Lincolns (old-school punk/hardcore)
Prophecy (FL) (metal)
Port Charlotte Symphony Orchestra
Raptor Records
Randy Leapley (covers)
Ron Sachs Productions
Screwface (rock)
Select Start (pop-punk)
Shiloh (country)
Shot Heard Around The World (hardcore)
Sofa Kings (rock covers)
Sleeping by the Riverside (post hardcore)
Steve Connelley (session player/guitarist)
Steve Schember (folk/acoustic)
Strive (rock)
Sudden Death (death metal)
Taz DeGregorio (Charlie Daniel's band)
Team Effort (hardcore)
Tiger (hip-hop)
The Avalon Project (emo)
The Crotch Rockets (new school punk)
The Culprits (christian punk)
The Flapcats (rock)
The Four Shames (garage)
The Grain (alternative pop)
The Powers Agency
The Real Fisticuffs (punk)
The Shrinky Dinks (punk)
The Scams (old-school punk)
The Simpletons (pop-punk)
The Truth (folk)
Tony Grieco (rock) w/ Taz DeGregorio
Tooth and Nail Records
Uncle Shredded Wheat (hip-hop)
Usher (multiplatinum artist) for Samsung Electronics
Weak Ends (alt rock)
Vendetta (hardcore)
Venus (pop)
Yellow Dog Contract (hardcore)
Yeti (metal
8up (metal)
And More...

::Atlas Pro Audio Engineering & Gear Consultation::

We advise, consult, and equip literally hundreds of the finest studios, engineers, artists, and producers in the US and the world. We sell over 50 of the most elite brands of high quality recording gear in the United States. We also provide equipment to other pro audio shops, independent contractors, sound reinforcement companies, venues, and houses of worship.

::Atlas Recording Studios / Atlas Pro Audio::
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Atlas Recording Equipment
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Brauner Microphones
Buzz Audio
Chameleon Labs
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CharterOak Mics
China Cones
Crane Song
Crowley and Tripp
DPA (B&K)Drawmer
Empirical Labs
FMR Audio
Funk Logic
Grado Headphones
Great River
Groove Tubes
Hear Technologies
Klein & Hummel
LaChapell Audio
Latchlake Boom Stands
Latchlake Boom Stands
MBHO Microphones
McDSP Plug-Ins
Metric Halo
Microtech Gefell
Millennia Media
Mojave Audio
Neumann Microphones

NTI Minstruments
Old School Audio
Peluso Mics
Pendulum Audio
Phoenix Audio
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Purple Audio
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