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Chief Engineer

Nathan Eldred - 1st Engineer/Producer/Studio Owner
Mr. Nathan Eldred is a self taught recording engineer and producer with over 15 years of experience under his belt. Nathan has worked with many aspiring artists in the United States in the last 10 years, after opening Atlas Recording Studios. A growing number of Atlas Recording's clients are reaching success with offers from labels around the US. The rising status of the Tampa Bay and Orlando area as an up and coming hotbed for musical talent will no doubt bring more excitement for the years to come.

Notably, Nathan has recently worked with Taz DeGregorio, longtime keyboardist and vocalist for The Charlie Daniel's band. Also recently recorded Mia Reeves, professionally trained soprano as well as actress, performed in Howard Goodall's stage play Girlfriends, and was in the feature film The Replacements starring Keanu Reeves, Gene Hackman. Nathan has recorded multi-platinum artist Usher for Samsung, he has worked with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (national swing band). Also of note, Nathan recently remixed 14 songs for the upcoming Pink Lincolns release for Hazzard Records. The Pink Lincolns being one of Florida's best old school punk bands ever. Nathan recently recorded Sudden Death who is signed to Locomotive Records from Spain. (For a list of clients, please see the clients page.)

Nathan's desire for excellence keeps him on his toes with the recording industry, recording techniques, and always looking to acquire the best new and vintage high quality gear he can find. Nathan has the ability as an engineer and producer to create vibe and expression to your music through his own style of engineering and production. What seperates him from other engineers whould have to be his personal desire and ability to get his clients to the next level of their careers. You can hear this in the music, you can hear this in production that goes into the making of any album. Nathan does not believe in what he has termed as The "Cookie Cutter" approach to recording. Every artist is different, Nathan goes above and beyond the call of duty in his work for the love of recording and he feels doing an excellent job is true respect of the artist. He enjoys producing as much as engineering, production tends to be more creative than recording, but nonetheless an art unto itself. Producing a talented band is definitely a rewarding experience.

Nathan has always wanted to share his knowledge of recording with other engineers. Atlas Recording Studios, Inc. branched out into Pro Audio in Oct. of 2000. Nathan is a highly respected engineer on the national and international level. He is among the highly elite professionals in the pro audio field. Atlas Pro Audio has taken on the role of distributor in 2004 for two pro audio manufacturers, Old School Audio (World Distributor) and Buzz Audio (US Distributor). He is also an active member of NARAS, AES, and NAMM. After starting Atlas Pro Audio, Mr. Nathan Eldred has been giving recording advice and consultation to hundreds of indivuduals including some of the largest commercial studios, engineers, studio owners, and producers in the US and the world. He provides consultation to some of the USA's high profile gold and platinum engineers and producers. He has the luxury of having access to new and unique pieces of gear before it gets released to the public. He is active "behind the scenes" in the pro audio field, including new recording gear development, consutation, and is also a contributing writer to industry mags like TapeOp, MIX, EQ and Pro Sound News. The most recent article published was in Pro Sound News. His writings ("The Lowdown" Reviews) can also be found online at He is currently working on several articles for publication. Nathan is one of the most remarkably talented, diverse, and versatile engineers in the field.

Hours of Operation:
Daily - Noon to Midnight EST
Bookings should be made at least 3 weeks in advance.
Booking can be made by contacting us and arranging to mail in a check or money order deposit. Please see "Booking" page.

Last Minute Booking Accomodations - We may be able to accept last minute bookings for special circumstances and if studio time is available. Last minute booking if available must be reserved by credit card. Please have your band/tour manager call for more information.

Studio Booking Hourly Minimums:

Studio A:
  • 3 Hour Minimum for Tracking, Mixing, Mastering, and Pre-Production.

    Studio B:
  • 3 Hour Minimum for Tracking, Mixing, Mastering, and Pre-Production

    Live Sound, Remote Recording, Freelance Engineering:
  • 5 Hour Minimum

    All Studio Time is scheduled by appointment only.

  • Call us at 813.318.1679 to make an appointment.
    Studio Scheduling

    All clients must sign our standard contract for recording, this should be done the same time the client furnishes the deposit. We provide all clients a contract either in person (if on studio tour), or by fax or mail.

    IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING: All minors must have a parent or legal gaurdian make all studio arrangements for you. You need to have your parent contact us on your behalf.

    To the Parent or Gaurdian of a minor child: Please contact us for more information. We require you to fill out the recording contract and return it to us with deposit for a recording date to be secured. Parent or gaurdian must be present for all recording sessions booked for the minor.

    For specific recording related questions please see the FAQ. or you can call us at 813.318.1679.
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