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Our facility is now completely Pro-Tools ready. Bring us your scsi hot-swap drive or your ProTools backups on CD or DVDROM (data files) that you tracked on and we can provide overdubs or mixdown, or feel free to track here on ProTools and have the ability to take it to any studio in the world that uses Pro-Tools for mixdown or additional overdubs- it's easy!

Great gear is just common sense (let's be honest, would you rather use a Tube Fender, Mesa, Marshall amp, or a Crate amp? We feel the same way about recording gear...we use the best recording gear available to gaurantee the highest quality results. Some of the unique pieces of gear that we use are the classic Neumann/Telefunken U47 (used by famous musicians from Frank Sinatra & Elvis Presley, to Mike Ness -Social Distortion), Ampex 2 Track Reel to Reel, and Neumann KM 86's. Please take a look at our gear, and definitely feel free to compare what we offer to other studios in the way of gear, quality, and price. We are sure that you will find that we can provide you with the BEST results for your money in Central Florida.
Quantity values represent discrete channels or units.
Atlas Recording & Mastering, Inc. Studio A 'Mix/Master' Suite
Atlas Recording Studios, Inc. - Studio A Major Label Quality 'Mix/Master' Suite, Major Label Quality Tracking.
Atlas Recording Studios, Inc. - Studio B 'Primary Tracking, 2nd 'demo' Mix/Mastering Room'
Atlas Recording Studios, Inc. - Studio B, Tracking facility for Studio A and Studio B, also budget priced mixing and mastering room. See Studio B Gear List

Studio A: Sound WorkShop Series 30 (28 x 16 x 2)**

(Similar to early Otari console but heavily upgraded, console was designed by two former members of API)

** With Upgraded Electronics: (console has been recapped with computer grade caps, 5 amp PSU (double size of stock PSU for more headroom, lower noise floor, and more bass extension), prefader/premaster section output so we can bypass stock electronics for a more 'purist' signal path.

Any two bus master section of our choice can then be used for a world class sound, i.e. Abbey Road EMI/Chandler, API, or Neve-type [Vintech] outboard gear all powered by the Equitech 2RQ transformer balanced power system!!

Studio B: Tascam 2600 MKII 32 x 8 x 2 (for monitoring only)


Sound WorkShop 1280 12x2
Remote Monitoring Console

(2) Klein & Hummel O300D
(2) JBL 25 LSR
(2) Custom 3 way reference monitors
(Hafler Power)

Lavry Blue Series 44-96 DAC
Lavry Black Stereo DA10
Mytek Stereo96 DAC
(1) Telefunken/Neumann tube U47
(1) Telefunken U47 M
(2) Telefunken AK47
(2) Neumann SM69 FET (stereo FET U67)
(3) Neumann KM-84
(1) Neumann KM-88 (FET KM56)
(2) Neumann KM-86 (triple pattern KM84)
(1) Neumann UM57 (Gefell)
(2) Schoeps CMC64 Stereo Cardiod Pair
(1) Gefell UM57 (vintage, original M7)
(1) Microtech Gefell tube M92.1S
(2) Microtech Gefell M930
(1) Crowley and Tripp Studio Vocalist
(2) CharterOak SA538
(1) CharterOak SA538B
(2) CharterOak S600
(2) Josephson C42
(2) AEA R84 Ribbon (RCA77 Recreation)
(3) Neumann TLM-103
(2) Neumann KM-184
(2) Peluso 22 47 LE
(2) Sennheiser MD421 II
(2) Sennheiser E609 Silver
(4) Sennheiser E604
(1) AKG 414 TL-II
(1) AKG D-112
(1) Shure SM-7B
(4) Shure SM-57

MICROPHONE PREAMPLIFIERS (per channel, not units)
(2) Buzz Audio Elixir
(2) Buzz Audio MA2.2 with Sowter XFMRS
(2) Buzz Audio SSA1.1 with Sowter XFMRS
(1) Buzz Audio ARC 1.1 Preamp (Channel)
(2) Chandler TG-Channel ("Beatles Era/EMI/Abbey Road")
(1) Chandler Germanium
(2) LaChapell 992EG
(1) LaChapell 583s
(1) Mercury AM16
(1) Mercury M72m
(1) Mercury M76m
(1) Mercury Grand Pre Calrec
(4) Vintech Neve 473 Mic Pre/EQ
(2) Vintech Neve 1272 60dB Mod
(2) Vintech Neve X73i Mic Pre/EQ
(2) Brent Averill Neve 1272
(2) Brent Averill Api 312
(2) Purple Audio Biz
(1) Old School Audio Power Rack
(1) API 6B Lunchbox
(2) Great River MP-2NV
(28) Sound Workshop Mic Pre
(Similar to transformerless API)

(2) API 550b EQ
(1) API 560b EQ
(1) Buzz Audio ARC 1.1 EQ (Channel)
(1) Buzz Audio MPE1.1 TXO
(1) Chandler TG-Channel EQ
(2) Great River NV EQ
(2) Purple Odd EQ
(2) Vintech Neve X73i EQ
(4) Vintech Neve 473 EQ
(1) Weiss EQ1-DYN
(1) Urei 537 EQ (8) Kurzweil KSP8 EQ
(28) Sound Workshop 3 Band EQ
(Similar to transformerless API)
UAD-1 Pultec 3 band EQ
Sonic Timeworks Mastering EQ
Waves 9 band "Masters" EQ
Waves Renaissance
(2) Buzz Audio Essence
(2) Buzz Audio Potion
(2) Crane Song Trakker
(2) Chandler TG-1 EMI
(2) Purple Audio MC77
(1) Buzz Audio ARC 1.1 Comp/Limiter (Channel)
(2) Buzz Audio SOC1.1 Dual Channel Opto
(2) Empirical Labs EL-8 DISTRESSOR
(2) Empirical Labs EL-8X with mods
(1) dbx 160 VU (Vintage)
(2) Urei Silver Face 1176LN (Vintage)
(2) UA LA-4 (Vintage)
(1) Chandler LTD-2 Compressor ("Neve 2254")
(4) Drawmer DS-404 Quad Gate
(8) Kurzweil KSP8 Compressor
Waves L2 plugin
Waves Linear Band/Multiband compressor
Universal Audio Digital Classic LA2A
Universal Audio Digital Classic 1176LN
Waves Renaissance Compressor
Sonic Timeworks Compressor X
Sonic Timeworks Mastering Limiter

Ampex ATR-800 2 track 1/4" (7.5, 15, or 30 ips)
Klein & Hummel O300D Monitors
Crane Song Trakker
Crane Song HEDD-192
Chandler TG-1
Great River NV EQs
(16) Lavry 4496 Blue A/D
(2) Lavry 4496 Blue D/A
(2) Mytek D/A
Weiss Digital EQ1-DYN
Sonic Timeworks Mastering Limiter
Waves Masters w/"Lookahead" Function
UA Digital DSP UAD-1
SEK'D Red Roaster
Sonic Foundry SoundForge 6.0
RME HDSP 96/52
Ampex MM 1200 2" 16 track - THE classic machine!
Ampex ATR-800 2 Track (Analog Tape Machine)
1957 Presto 825 Stereo 2 Track
ProTools Digi002 (32 Tracks)
Tascam MX2424 (24 bit / 975 Virtual tracks!)

Steinberg Nuendo V1.6
SEK'D Samplitude V7.2
RME HDSP 96/52
Alesis ADAT XT-20
Tascam DAT Machine DA 30 II
Sony DAT Machine
(We can transfer or mix your ADAT or DAT Tapes!)

(8) Kurzweil KSP8 Multi-Effects/Reverb
(2) Kurzweil Mangler Multi-Effects
(6) Sony DPS-V77
Antares Auto Tune v4.0
(8) Kind of Loud RealVerb Pro
UAD DM-1 Delay Modulator
UAD RS-1 Room Simulator
Sonic Timeworks 6022 Delay
Waves Platinum Bundle
(2) Crane Song HEDD-192
(16) Lavry 4496 Blue A/D
(2) Lavry 4496 Blue D/A
(32) Apogee 16X D/A
(16) Lynx Aurora 16 A/D/A (24)Tascam/Timeline A/D/A

    Kurzweil PC2X 88 key weighted keyboard w/midi
    Kimball 5'2" Baby Grand
    TAMA Rockstar Custom Limited Edition 5 Pc. Drum Set
    Zildjian A Custom Cymbals & 14" Hi-Hat
    Zildjian A Custom 20" China
    Zildjian A Custom 13" Hi-Hat
    Zildjian A Custom - Assorted crashes and rides
    Anton Fig 14X6 Yamaha Custom Maple Snare
    Chad Smith 14x5 Pearl Steel Snare
    Stanton STR-800 Turntable
    Furman Headphone Distribution Amplifier
    Grado RS-1

    Beyerdynamic DT-770
    (2) Sennheiser HD-280
    (2) Sennheiser HD-270
    Sony Dual Cassette Deck
    Sharp CD/Cassette Player (Reference)
    (3) Alesis AI-3
    (1) Alesis AI-4

  • Off Site Studio Day Rate
    $1000-1200.00 per 8 Hour Day

    For national and local artists who require a very large facility (4000+ Square Feet). If you need to do live recording with more than 4 musicians, if you need a full size piano, ProTools HD, additional creature comforts, lounge areas, meeting areas, catering, etc. Please call us for more information and/or to make arrangements.
    Big Bad Voodoo Daddy recording session. Photo: Scott (Guitar and Vocal - left), Kurt (Drums - center), and Dirk (Bass - right). Photo (above): Lounge area. Photos taken by B. Boylan. Alt/Punk/Indie Rock Engineer and Producer Nathan Eldred of Atlas Recording works with BBVD on song for Dennis Leary Comedy Central ROAST (Aug. 10).

    Atlas Recording can accomodate ANYONE, we can rent any size studio your require to accomodate your needs, to inquire about hourly rates or booking availability at a remote facility give us a call at 813.318.1679.


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