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Mastering is the final process in all professional recordings. "Mastering" is often a mystery to many people. However, the goal of mastering is quite simple, to take a song and make it reach its greatest potential. Getting the best sound out of your newly mixed songs generally requires a third party, a mastering engineer with a fresh set of ears, one who has not been immersed in the process of tracking and mixing those songs. Many recording studios do not specialize in mastering, which also creates a need for a proper mastering studio.

The process of mastering is about objective listening, adding a third party to the table also adds another way of thinking about the big picture. Second in importance to a mastering engineer's finely trained ears, are the tools of the mastering engineer. This includes an accurate well-tuned room (listening enviroment), an extremely high quality monitoring path including extremely accurate Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog converters, and high fidelity accurate mastering quality monitors (speakers). These are the basics for listening and playback. Additionally, professional mastering often employs EQ, Compression, and other processing. In general, we prefer to use analog mastering tools instead of their digital counterparts when it comes to processing.

Although mastering takes generally less time than recording and mixing of any project, it is no less important. The whole goal of mastering, is for your music to have a national sound, a professional final master ready to be sent to duplication. We create consistent volumes between songs, we can make songs louder, we employ consistent equalization (i.e. bass, mids, highs), we smooth transitions between songs (fade ins, fade outs, standardized or custom space between tracks). Often times, songs are too "bright" or "bass heavy" before mastering, that also can be remedied. The talent of a mastering engineer lies in knowing what is called for in a particular situation. The creativity lies in adding warmth, depth, widening the stereo image of a recording, and masterfully using EQ to bring out the best in a song. The end result of our mastering will add a theme of continuity in the entire project and from one song to the next.

Mastering Engineer - Nathan Eldred is well known and respected nationally among audio engineers for his knowledge and expertise in the field. Nathan Eldred has over 9 years commercial mastering experience. With his experience, golden ears, and our arsenal of true mastering quality gear you can't go wrong with Atlas Mastering, we gaurantee it!

You need to have your project mastered by a professional...

Mastering can do the following things:
  1. Stereo Editing rearrange songs, intro fades, end fades, space between songs.
  2. Create Volume Consistency between all songs.
  3. Maximum Volume Levels to be equal with professional national standards. We avoid over compression as a rule unless otherwise requested.
  4. Change Sonic Character of songs through use of high quality EQ.
  5. Stereo Compression and Limiting to make your songs "radio ready".
  6. Add "Sonic Glue" this can include using analog tape & DSP processing.
  7. Add "Warmth", Create "Depth" to your music.
  8. Improve Overall Stereo Imaging of your music.

Atlas Mastering Suite Features:
  • Acoustic design by Nathan Eldred, professionally tuned to maximize accuracy, clarity, and precision of the listening and recording environments necessary for all stages of the recording and mastering process.
  • Uniquely designed mastering studio which features a completely new listening room. The listening room is equipted with and professionally tuned.
  • Analog mastering! Racks full of the BEST gear money can buy, tube and solid state gear, eqs, compressors, plus analog tape.
  • We use audiophile mastering monitors. The PMC AML-1 Monitors are critically acclaimed and designed especially for use in mastering. PMC monitors are used by Abbey Road Studios, Brian May (of Queen), Crystal Method, DigiDesign - UK, Dolby Europe, Dolby Laboratories - San Francisco, Lucasfilm, Paramount Mastering- LA, Polygram - NY, Sony Broadcast - UK, Sony Mastering- NY to name a few.
  • We only use the highest quality mastering equipment. Our Mastering Equipment includes:

Klein & Hummel O300D Monitors
PMC AML-1 Mastering Monitors
Millennia Media NSEQ-2
Crane Song Trakkers
Crane Song HEDD-192s
Chandler TG-1
Chandler TG Channels
TubeTech CL1Bs
Ampex ATR-800 1/4" 2 Track Analog Reel to Reel
Lavry 4496 Blue Series Stereo A/D
Lavry 4496 Blue Series Stereo D/A
Mytek Stereo192 ADC
Mytek Stereo96 DAC
Plus way more, check out the A Rate Gear List!
Over 9 years experience mastering music!

Digital Processing:
Weiss Digital EQ1-DYN Dynamic 96kHz EQ
Kurzweil KSP8
Sonic Timeworks Mastering Limiter
Waves "Masters" w/"Lookahead" Function
  • L2 Limiter
  • Linear Multiband Compressor
  • Linear Multiband EQ

Digital Editing:
Samplitude 7.12 (Most current version)

Atlas Recording Mix/Master Suite
Mastering Rates
We can do all of the following at the rate of $95/hr.
  1. Stereo Editing
  2. Create Volume Consistency
  3. Maximum Volume Levels
  4. Change Sonic Character
  5. Stereo Compression and Limiting
  6. Add "Sonic Glue"
  7. Add "Warmth", Create "Depth"
  8. Improve Overall Stereo Imaging

We can not give exact estimates of mastering because it is dependent on the needs of the individual project, and your level of specificity before and/or during the mastering process. Every person and project has different needs and requirements. Call for free over the phone consultation about your recording and mastering needs.

Contact us for the details on what format, wordlength and sample rate file to send us. We prefer 24 bit 96kHz files when possible. Toll Free 1.866.235.0953.

Concerning Mastering Credits

If you are a client of Atlas Recording Studios, Inc. :
Mastering Credit for your CD/Tape infold should read as either of the following.
  • Mastered by: Nathan Eldred at Atlas Recording Studios Inc., Florida

  • Mastering by Nathan Eldred at Atlas Recording Studios, Inc., Florida
  • ::Clients::
    A Better Name (pop-punk), Agony in the Garden (metal), Allow Effort (rock), Allujah (reggae), Anthony Hopkins (r&b), Attica (metal), Brad Farris (country songwriter), Boney Fiend (old-school punk), Brian Chunn, Brittany Henson (vocalist), Catapult (rock) (Boston, MA & UK), Catchphrase (punk), Chad Chatham (folk), Chalk People (alternative rock), CYC Praise Band (christian rock), Drag 21 (punk), Earth Made Man (metal), Eric Le (pop), Every Single Day (indie/post hardcore), Faulen (nu metal), Flatland (bluegrass), Fork (rock), Frankie Lee Cintron (country), G8 (rock), Gate 343 (alt rock), Garbage Pail Kids (punk), Gudjon Carroll (hip-hop), Headfirst (metal), Hit the Planet (alternative pop), Ivory JOE (pop-punk/emo), Jim Morris (tropical humor/island), Johnny Utah (hip-hop), Kaos Kult (industrial), k.f.p. (MS) (emo/pop-punk), Linda D'Alessandro (acoustic folk), Master Mind Enterprises, Melissa (R&B), Moose (hip-hop), Never The Less (melodic punk), Never Say Never (rock/punk), Nothing Yet (punk), Not that Kid Again (pop-punk), Overthrow (hardcore/straight edge), Out of Time (garage), Peppi Shell Entertainment, Perfect Harmony (christian contemporary jazz), Prophecy (FL) (metal), Raptor Records, Randy Leapley (covers), Screwface (rock), Shot Heard Around The World (hardcore), Sleeping by the Riverside (post hardcore), Steve Schember (folk/acoustic), Strive (rock), Sudden Death (hardcore metal), Tiger (hip-hop), The Culprits (christian punk), The Grain (alternative pop), The Real Fisticuffs (punk), The Rules (electronica), The Shrinky Dinks (punk), The Scams (old-school punk), The Simpletons (pop-punk), The Truth (folk), Yeti (metal)
  • Deposit: 50% of the rough estimate.
  • Upon completion: The remainder of the balance and shipping is to be paid in full before we release master copies.
  • Payment: We accept money order, Paypal, or major credit card over the phone.
  • Mailing: Master copies are delivered via your choice of delivery method. You can choose expedited shipping or regular ground shipping. The cost of shipping is to be added to the balance.
  • Changes: After you receive your master copy, please listen to it carefully. If there is something you would like changed, we will gladly alter the master to your needs. Alterations will incur additional hourly charges, media cost, and additional shipping.
  • Deadlines: We will deliver your master by the set deadline you determine before the job is begun. To be on the safe side, try to send your project in approximately 2-3 weeks before you originally would have, this will allow for normal ground transit time for a first revision and second revision (if needed) of your master. Running out of time will add the cost(s) of overnight shipping. If you deadline is moved up, we will do our best to accomodate the change, however we can not gaurantee it.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Since mastering is subjective by nature, to insure customer satisfaction we will present you with a 1st revision on the first song, that you can hear before more work is done. If you have any quick changes, those minor changes are made and once that is approved we will complete the rest of the job according to your initial preference.
  • Communication: We are available 7 days a week from 12 Noon to 12 Midnight EST.
  • Critical Decisions: During the mastering process, we will be keeping in contact with you about your project. For the mostpart, the mastering will be very straight forward, unless there are particular circumstances which would limit the mastering engineer from taking a usual course of action. Our mastering engineer has many years of experience and is objective about such impasses, he will choose the best alternative method to improve the song or project's sonics quality and character. Our mastering engineer will gladly keep you aprised of the details regarding your project.
  • Your Needs: Before you send in a project, take some time to listen to your songs and make a list of things that you want the mastering engineer to be aware of as well as things that you specifically want done to the song or album. A common example is the loudness of your final master.

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