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Big Bad Voodoo Daddy in session, Scott, Kurt, and Dirk
National Recording Artists: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy recording session. Photo: Scott (Guitar and Vocal - left), Kurt (Drums - center), and Dirk (Bass - right). Photo taken by B. Boylan. Alt/Punk/Indie Rock Engineer and Producer Nathan Eldred of Atlas Recording works with BBVD on song for Dennis Leary Comedy Central ROAST (Aug. 10).

Atlas Recording can accomodate ANYONE, we can rent any size studio your require to accomodate your needs, to inquire about hourly rates or booking availability at a remote facility give us a call at 813.662.5028.
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy with Nathan Eldred and John Stephan
From Left to Right: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (National Recording Artists) ANDY ROWLEY, GLEN "THE KID" MARHEVKA, KARL HUNTER, JOSHUA LEVY, John Stephan, SCOTTY MORRIS, DIRK SHUMAKER, Nathan Eldred, & KURT SODERGREN. Photo: B. Boylan

Atlas Recording has two locations: We track in the B room, and mix in the A room. The Mix room (A room) is in Ruskin, FL. Tracking room (B room) is in Plant City, FL.

Studio A (right)

See Studio A Gear List here
(Studio A) Predominantly for mixing, mastering and overdubs/commercial/voice work. Set in a relaxed environment, the studio has wood floors and is decorated in natural linens, warm colors, and black accents. Whether it's live or controlled overdubbs with scratch tracks, you can be assured of great quality. Atlas Recording Studios features professionally tuned rooms; 1) control room, 2) Main recording room and 3) two isolation booths. Acoustic design by electro-acoustician Mike Maloney of Electro Acoustic Design to maximize accuracy, clarity, and precision of the listening and recording environments necessary for all stages of the recording and mastering process.

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Studio B (below)

(B Room) Predominantly for tracking ('A' tracking)and mixing ('B' mixing...all 'A' rate mixing occurs in 'A' mix/master suite, see above). Atlas Recording Studios Studio B features professionally tuned rooms; 1)large tracking room, 2) large control room, 3)vocal isolation booth. Acoustic design by Nathan Eldred (Recording and Mastering Engineer/Professional Consultant) of Atlas Recording/Atlas Pro Audio to maximize accuracy, clarity, and precision of the listening and recording environments necessary for all stages of the recording and mastering process.
Atlas Recording & Mastering, Inc. Studio A 'Mix/Master' Suite
Shown above, our mix & mastering room in Brandon, FL

We have added a Sound Workshop Series 30 analog console in September of 2002 (above) to the A room. We combine classic analog vintage gear (front end Class A and Tube designs & Analog mixdown), 2" tape, with modern 24/96 digital recorders and DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) to take advantage of the best of what both analog and digital have to offer. With ProTools, Nuendo, Samplitude, Waves, and Antares we have the power to digitally edit, automate levels, master, auto-tune, add effects, add samples, etc. all in the computer. For mixdown we use the 1/4" Ampex ATR-800 analog recorder @ 15ips, the end product remains analog in nature; similar to all classic recordings from the past, with full capability to edit, automate, and compilate more quickly than previously capable with strictly analog technology.

Shown above, our tracking room in Plant City
(scroll up for pic of mixdown room on right)
One of Florida's best Class A mic pre collection and high-end microphone locker
Steve Connelly from Zen doing
session guitar & bass to the 2" Ampex for Mike Mlinko (Nathan Eldred producer/engineer)

Producer Taz DeGregorio (keyboardist for Charlie Daniels band), Tony Grieco, and Dave Valliere (session guitarist)

Taz DeGregorio laying down tracks for Tony Grieco's album on our Kurzweil PC2X (he loved the piano sounds he was getting through the Buzz Audio Elixirs).

Tony Grieco doing vocals for his album with the Soundelux iFET7
Chris - Drummer/Blinded By Saturn

Blinded By Saturn - first tracking day
John from Sudden Death (3 song) tracking vocals on the Soundelux iFET7.

Patrick from Select Start (2005) tracking drums for upcoming full length.

Mike from Kill This Glamour tracking drums (2005)
Kill This Glamour
Brittany Henson vocalist extraordinaire
Brittany & Dan Henson doing some preproduction
Nelson from Team Effort
Team Effort & Think Fast Records
Justin of Hazz Rec & Chris B. of The Pink Lincolns
Jon, Beau, & Joe from Sudden Death
Nathan & Sudden Death

The Ampex MM1200 16 track 2"
Used for multitrack recording - this machine is a tone monster! If you want your tracks to sound like a real album like your favorite national band, this is THE best machine ever made.

The Ampex ATR-800 analog mixdown machine...A HUGE sound! Used primarily for mastering & mixdown to give your music added depth and warmth.

In house drum kit:
  • Tama 5 piece RockStar Custom

  • Yamaha custom maple Anton Fig 6x14 snare

  • Zildjian A Custom Cymbals

  • Kurzweil PC2X 88 key fully weighted keyboard, with orchestral ROM. Has just about any sound you can think of...great foley effects and vintage sounds too.

    Powerful plug-ins & audio software for the power to edit, time align, automate, pitch shift, autotune, process tracks, & more!!

    A small sample of our microphones!

    Charlie owner of Brandon Music (A room booth)

    Neumann KM86's on overheads, Neumann TLM103 on rack tom,
    Soundelux iFET7 & Sennheiser 421 on kick, and Shure SM57 on our Anton Fig custom maple recording snare.

    Vintech X73 & Neve 1073 Mic-Pre Testing Photos
    Dallas from Vintech Audio in the studio playing electric guitar tracks for Mic Pre Testing.
    Neve 1073's
    Vintech X73
    Vintech X73

    Vintech X73

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