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Hourly Rates, Packages, Off-Site Engineer & Media Rates

  • Pre-Production
  • Production
  • Arrangement
  • Recording:
  • Analog Recording
  • Digital Recording
  • Overdub Recording
  • Live or Remote Recording
  • Live Sound (Remote)
  • Commercial Recording
  • Voice Over/Demos
  • Vinyl to CD transfer
  • Digital Mixing
  • Analog Mixing
  • Digital Editing
  • Digital Mastering
  • Analog Mastering
  • Consultation for other Studios or Engineers
  • Recording/Engineering Lessons
  • Recording Workshops
  • Professional Audio Sales
In addition to recording many styles of music, we also provide recording for spoken word, seminars, voice work and demos, commercial and radio spots, foley, or any other recording needs you may have. We have a professional and knowledgable staff here to help you with your recording needs.

Studio B is for the actual recording process (also known as 'tracking') of major projects. Studio A is used only for mixing and mastering of major projects as the room and gear is set up especially for that purpose.

Studio B may be utilized for mixing, but only for demos (Studio B's console is used for monitoring only, and Class A preamps are used directly to tape).

Rate Card
Block rates in either room are available.
"A" Room (Mix & Mastering only)
"B" Room (Tracking only)
Recording (also known as 'Tracking')
(Analog or Digital) Mixing & Mastering
(Analog - Studio A Only)
ProTools LE
All ProTools LE Projects
Emergency Session Rate:
Emergency Session Rate
(All sessions booked with less than 7 days advance notice.)
$150/hr + up
Commercial/Industry Rate:
Industry Rate
(Corporate, Commercials, Audio for Radio, Orchestral, etc.)
$150/hr + up

Block Rates:
8 Hr. Day
Pre-production, Recording, or Mixing
Rate Per Song or Album
Hourly maximum cap applies. Call 813.318.1679
Vinyl to CD Transfer
Cassette to CD Transfer
Indie/Punk/Emo/Hardcore/Alt Rock
As well as Classic Rock/Country/Blues/Bluegrass et. al.
$2000/per album or as Negotiated
Available for all styles of music
$500/per co-producer per project
Recording Lessons (2 Person Maximum)

Atlas "A" Rate - Band Demo Packages Available!

Band Demo Packages

Atlas "A" Rate - Package 1 - $2999!
  • 16 Hours Recording Time (2 Eight Hour Days)
  • 16 Hours of Mixing (Up to 2 Eight Hour Days)
  • 2 Hours of Mastering
  • Up to 5 Rough Mix/Test Burn CDRs (these are thrown away)
  • 2 Finished CDR Masters

  • Atlas "A" Rate - Package 2 - $1599!
  • 8 Hours Recording Time (1 Eight Hour Day)
  • 8 Hours of Mixing (Up to 1 Eight Hour Day)
  • 2 Hours of Mastering
  • Up to 5 Rough Mix/Test Brun CDRs (these are thrown away)
  • 2 Finished CDR Masters

  • Overages on studio time for "A" Rate Band Demo Packages are charged at discounted rate of $80/hour. If you use more than 5 blank CDs for test mixes it is $1 extra per blank CD. Does not include Tape Rentals or Purchases. Please call us for help with choosing what is right for your needs.

    Atlas Karaoke/Voice Packages Available!

    Karaoke/Vocalist Demo Packages

    Atlas Karaoke/Vocal Package 1 - $475!
    Package 1 - Only $475
  • 4 Hours Recording Time
  • 30 Minutes of Mixing Time
  • 30 Minutes of Mastering Time
  • 2 Finished CDR Masters

  • Atlas Karaoke/Vocal Package 2 - $285!
    Package 2 - Only $285
  • 2 Hours Recording Time
  • 30 Minutes of Mixing Time
  • 30 Minutes of Mastering Time
  • 2 Finished CDR Masters

  • Overages on studio time for Studio Vocal Packages are charged at $95/hour.
    Media Cost
    Cost Per Unit
    Blank CD w/CD envelope
    Blank CD w/jewel case
    Blank DAT
    NEW Blank 1/4" 30 min. Reel to Reel
    NEW Blank 2" 30 min. Reel to Reel
    TAPE RENTAL 2" 30 min. Reel to Reel
    TAPE RENTAL 1/4" 30 min. Reel to Reel
    Blank ADAT**
    Blank Cassette**
    "**" = We do not record projects to ADAT or Cassette. They are not commonly used, i.e. outdated format.
    We will transfer media from one format to another if required by a client,
    which is why we list the price for both ADAT tapes and Cassette Tapes.

    Can't afford FullSail?

    Atlas Recording Studios, Inc. provides private recording lessons & recording workshops for those interested in learning to engineer and those who would like to improve their engineering skills.

    Deluxe Studio Rates
    $1000-1200.00 per 8 Hour Day

    For national and local artists who require a very large facility (4000+ Square Feet). If you need additional creature comforts, lounge areas, meeting areas, catering, etc. Please call us for more information and/or to make arrangements. We have larger facilities available (with ProTools HD) in the area that Atlas rents out by the day or week to record your project. Our day rate for a 4000+ SF facility runs about $1000-1200 for an 8 hour day, this rate includes Alt/Punk/Indie Rock Engineer Nathan Eldred as 1st Engineer for your project. The variation in the day rate can depend on if you need catering, instrument rentals, i.e. or any special requests. All other special requests (fax riders to 813.746.4059), or please call for information and booking availability. When tracking in a larger facility we also bring along all the necessary outboard gear and mics from our facility that we will be using for your project.

    Studio Recording, Mixing, & Mastering Rates include experienced recording engineer.
    Big Bad Voodoo Daddy recording session. Photo: Scott (Guitar and Vocal - left), Kurt (Drums - center), and Dirk (Bass - right). Photo (above): Lounge area. Photos taken by B. Boylan. Alt/Punk/Indie Rock Engineer and Producer Nathan Eldred of Atlas Recording works with BBVD on song for Dennis Leary Comedy Central ROAST (Aug. 10).

    Atlas Recording can accomodate ANYONE, we can rent any size studio your require to accomodate your needs, to inquire about hourly rates or booking availability at a remote facility give us a call at 813.318.1679.

    Atlas Recording's Free Lance Engineer/Live Sound

    Live Recording and Studio Consultation

    Rate is variable, per the needs of your project.
    Clubs, venues, bands, individual artists, houses of worship, local and corporate businesses, organizations, etc. who need a professional sound person to run sound or record at their location.

    Equipment is available on a daily rental basis if needed. Equipment needed to be determined with client when booking arrangements are made. A rider with your specifications and requirements can be faxed to 813.746.4059

    Deposit: 50% deposit is required a minimum of 2 weeks prior to booked date in order to secure that date. Deposit can be made by money order, check or credit card. Deposit is non-refundable.

    If cancellation is made before 1 week (7 days) of the booked date, the deposit can be used to re-book another date (client may only do this one time). In the unlikely event that cancellation is made in less than 7 days of the booked date, the client will be charged a $300 cancellation penalty to be taken out of the deposit, another date can be rescheduled at that point.

    The start time of a particular job can not be changed unless it is requested in writing at least 7 days before the booked date and it is possible for us to fo so. Attempting to change the start time of a booking less than 7 days in advance, even by as little as 1 hour, may not be possible. We will arrive within +/- 20 minutes of the scheduled arrival time.

    Travel Fees:
    Travel fees will be included in your quoted rate if they are applicable.

    Last Minute Bookings:
    We will do our best to accomodate clients in need of immediate services. Call us for information on how we may be of service to you and your project.

    Please see our list of Clients

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